Basic RiderCourse Schedule  for 2017

  BlueBird Ranch Trucking * The By Us Company
             10 BlueBird Ranch Drive (off Route 1A) 
 No more classes scheduled for Jonesboro for this year. 

    Barclays / Western Maine Development Group LLC
     128 Weld Road * Route 156
{Take entrance just prior to the Wilton Town Office}
No more scheduled classes until May of 2018!
Have a good winta!

 If you call to reserve a seat (and tell us), we will hold for approximately FIVE / 5 days for payment, after that it goes to the next available person if no payment is received within those 5 days.  Just calling and speaking with us, leaving a message (voice mail), or emailing us DOES NOT reserve you a seat! A deposit is necessary and required in order to reserve a seat in the class. We cannot even hold a standby seat for anyone who has not submitted a deposit. If you want a class, you’ll need to send in a deposit.

** We TRY to return the phone calls only to hear “this phone has not been set up to take messages”. Please be sure we can call you back as we usually only call back once and will leave a message. After that it’s up to you. So don’t assume anything! We normally return messages after 5:00 PM and before 9:00 PM **

** Occasionally we get phone calls from people asking questions about the course, we don’t mind answering them at all. BUT PLEASE DO NOT CALL AFTER 9:00 PM! When we receive calls at 12:30 AM, that’s uncalled for. Our main phone number is the office and our HOME. Please be considerate when calling and we will return the same. **

MMSEC Schedule.
This is no longer available.
For 22 years we’re very proud to have
3,257 students from 1991-2013!


* We reserve the right to cancel / reschedule a class due to unforeseen circumstances.

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