Refund Policy

2024 CMMS LLC Refund Policy

Central Maine Motorcycle School, LLC instructs the Basic RiderCourse.   All fees are payable prior to the beginning of each course. We accept personal checks (up to two weeks prior to class, and NO starter checks), money orders, cash, and credit / debit cards.

Our policy is if a deposit and or tuition fee is sent in and if the payee has to cancel a particular class, that deposit is good at any of our sites for that calendar year (only in 2024) and may attend another scheduled class that has an opening.  But the following circumstances may occur:

                                              Once a deposit is made, there are no refunds!

a.     A student no show or late show (past the scheduled start time) will forfeit their total deposit / fees on the day of the class. No personal checks will be accepted two weeks prior to start of a given class. Money order, cash or credit/debit cards will only be accepted.

b.     A student who has been dismissed from the class due to his/her behavior, i.e., language, attitude, disruption of the class, use of alcohol or drugs, unable to handle/control the motorcycle, drops the motorcycle, hitting a fixed object, causing any property damage, riding off the perimeter of the range, inappropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) not meeting the MSF, BMV, guidelines and the company’s policy, will forfeit all payable fees. The student may return to a later scheduled class but will have to pay full fees.

c.     A student who is dropped / quits from a class will leave the course immediately and all deposits and fees that were paid for will not be returned to the student. The student will be able to return to another scheduled class at his / her expense and will have to pay full price.

d.    A student who unsuccessfully finishes all the riding exercises will be dismissed will not be given a completion certificate and a refund will not be given.

e.    A student who has not successfully completed the MSF 5-hour eCourse prior to the first day of class will NOT be able to begin the course. The eCourse shall be completed BEFORE starting the class!

f.   If CMMS cancels a class or any other unforeseen circumstances erupts with a student and a refund is warranted by CMMS, that student will forfeit any credit card charges on the money paid in. In example would be $3.65 on $100, paid using “Square” or current rate.  If paid by cash, personal check, money order, then that full amount will be paid back


  • If a check is returned for insufficient funding, a minimum $35 check fee will be charged on top of the insufficient funds of the check. If after 30 days a check is not paid, it will then be sent to a collection agency and the local law enforcement agency will be contacted to take necessary action.


If you have any other question, please contact Central Maine Motorcycle School at:

                  Home/Office (207) 634-3641
                  Cell (207) 474-4262
                  Email Me

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