Basic RiderCourse

Basic RiderCourse ℠

This is a 2 day 15 hour course conducted on Saturday & Sunday. This is a combination of classroom time by completing the eCourse and training on the motorcycle. Our classes run from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Saturday & Sunday and occasional we have weekday classes. We strive for comfortable classroom and our fleet is made up of  Honda Nighthawks, Honda Rebel, Yamaha TW200 and Suzuki TU250.

Central Maine Motorcycle School is very proud to have the best maintained / best looking trainer motorcycles in the State of Maine Motorcycle Rider Education Program!



                         Is this course for you?  Learn more by taking the Basic eCourse.    Free when you register through us.           

 The Fee for this course is TBA. No starter checks accepted. You MUST Pre-Register and a minimum down payment of $100, non-refundable is required (we’ll match anyone’s BRC price).
** When sending a check, PLEASE be sure you attach a piece of paper with your current phone number, mailing address, email address and the class you’re requesting.  We may need to get a hold of you prior to the class, so please NO work emails / phone numbers. **

Upon successful completion of this class you will be able to receive your Maine motorcycle endorsement at any branch office of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

  • We welcome anyone thinking about getting a motorcycle endorsement (or simply taking this course) is to visit one of our sites first to check to see what you may be getting into. View of range exercises only and prior arrangements is required.
  • Upon request, we do offer incentive discount for UBM members, Military ID or Government Services card holders, Emergency Responders such as Firefighters, Police Officers, and EMS personnel. Proper identification is required upon registration time.
  • Only one incentive allowed per person, per card.

Once enrolled, you must bring with you the following Personal Protective Equipment or PPE *REQUIRED* items:

  1. Helmet (at a minimum DOT approved and no novelty helmets)
  2. Eye Protection (glasses, face shield or goggles)
  3. Riding Gloves, preferably motorcycle riding gloves (SHALL be full fingered)
  4. Sturdy Long Pants (such as jeans), no rips or holes in pants (not flared or spandex type pants)
  5. Sturdy Long Sleeve Shirt or jacket
  6. Sturdy Over the Ankle leather Footwear (NO SNEAKERS and NO HEELS)
    No steel toes needed or high toe as this could impair the shifting
  7. Rain gear is now required! Suggest a two-piece set of  rain gear. We ride in rain or shine. If you don’t bring the proper gear for inclement weather, you WILL be dismissed. No excuses.
  8. With the end of Maine’s civil state of emergency on June 30, 2021 we are still requiring our employees and students to wear appropriate mouth and nose covering (masks) in all of our classrooms. Failure to comply with this policy will result in not participating in any of our courses. Any questions regarding this policy, please contact us before registering for the class.

    ** If any of the above is in question, please contact us.**

Failure to bring ANY of the required items will result in your dismissal from class. There will be NO refunds. We DO NOT offer any personal protection equipment (ppe) to use. So please come equipped, or you WILL go home.

Check out our Schedule page to see when the classes are being offered.

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