Frequently Asked Questions about the Basic RiderCourse (BRC)

1. Why is this course a requirement?

This is a Maine State requirement in the interest of Highway Safety. Riders will be more familiar with safe motorcycle operation. All riders who wish to obtain a motorcycle endorsement must successfully complete the 15 hour Basic RiderCourse.

2. When must I take this course?

You must be at least 16 years old and successfully complete the BRC to obtain your motorcycle license endorsement.

3. Can I get an insurance discount by taking on of these courses?

Yes! Most insurance companies give a 5% – 20% discount for taking an approved safety course. Whether it’s the BRC or the BRC-2, most insurance companies may offer you a discount.

4. When can I start carrying passengers on my bike?

You can ONLY carry a passenger once you get your LICENSE and when completing the BRC you MUST WAIT 60 DAYS before you carry any passenger, even if that person has a motorcycle license. Other Maine state laws may also apply.

5. Can I ride at night on a permit?

Yes, you can ride at night on a motorcycle PERMIT!
On 10/09/13 our state legislation repealed the nighttime restriction.

6. Can I ride out of Maine on my Motorcycle Permit?

Every state is different. Contact that states’ Department of Motor Vehicles.

7. I lost my Maine Completion (tan) Certificate, how do I get a new one?

The only way to obtain a duplicate certificate is through the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles by calling 624-9000, ext. 52128 the Driver / Rider Ed Department for a nominal fee. An authorized motorcycle safety school can only re-issue an MSF Completion Card (and only when proper documentation showing when the class was successfully completed) and usually for no charge.

8. Can I take the BRC without taking the Automobile Drivers Ed course first?

Yes. IF you are 18 years of age or older or you already have your Maine state driver’s license. If UNDER 18 years old, you must either have ONE of the following: 1) Automobile Driver’s License; 2) Automobile Driver’s Permit; 3) or completion of an approved Driver Education Course with proof of actual completion certificate. With that being said, can I still get my motorcycle license even if I haven’t gone for my road test yet? Yes, you can, BUT if you do not possess a valid driver’s license, you will then be required to take a road test with a State of Maine licensed examiner. The road test waiver will not be granted. If any questions, please contact us or your local Branch Motor Vehicle Office as they can explain it in more detail.

9. How long is the Motorcycle License Road Test?

The road test takes between 10 and 20 minutes to complete on your own motorcycle. This must be done ONLY when receiving your Course Completion Certificate with motorcycle permit only.

10. Do I take a written test at the end of the BRC?

No. As of January 2024, the written test is not required anymore. You will have the opportunity to take quizzes while taking the MSF eCourse.

12. Am I guaranteed to get my motorcycle endorsement by taking the Basic RiderCourse?

Unfortunately, nothing in life is a guarantee! If you can ride a bicycle and keep your balance which is a MSF prerequisite, it will be very beneficial. Next is coordination with the controls. If you can conquer these, you will be much better off by taking this course. If you’re unsure of the above, please make arrangements to view a class going on to see if you would like to participate in such. If you have any limitations whatsoever, please advise us when registering for a class. This is very important! All in all, if you’re willing to try, we’re anxious to help you out as much as we safely / legally can.

13. What will this mean if there’s no more 8-hour (MMSEC) permit course? Can I still take some sort of permit course in order to get my license?

As of after May 15, 2016, and with 2015 motorcycle fatalities (32), everyone requesting to get their motorcycle endorsement will now have to take the 15-hour Basic RiderCourse. No more permit type courses.

14. If I successfully complete the BRC, can I automatically start riding on the roads once I leave the course? Do you issue our license?

NEW! Yes, as of the 2022 season! Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a “course completion certificate” with a temporary permit, which will enable you to operate legally for 60 days. Then you must take your tan course completion course certificate, the Motorcycle Safety Fondation completion card, as well as the MVE-64M permit application, along with $35 (Increased as of 1/1/18 – check made payable to the Maine Secretary of State). Please read on the back of the application as what you need to bring for proof when applying for the endorsement. Call the Branch BMV if you have ANY questions. It may save you a second trip!

15. Do I have to take a “Road Test” with a State of Maine License Examiner after completing this course? 

No, if you successfully complete the skill evaluations in this course you will not. BUT, for instance, IF you have a prosthetic limb, or no driver’s license, we cannot waiver your road test and will have to take a road test once you receive your permit with a License Examiner. We have to be aware of this at registration time! Proof of a driver’s license is required.

16. What do I need to wear (PPE) for the course?

1.  A minimum DOT approved helmet (we prefer 3/4 or full face);
2.  Eye protection (either glasses, shield, goggles, etc.);
3.  Long sleeve (durable) long sleeve shirt and / or jacket with NO HOLES;
4.  Full fingered leather gloves;
5.  Long pants (durable) such as denim blue jeans with NO HOLES;
6.  Leather, over the ankle BOOTS.
7.  Rain gear. Something that will keep you dry.
8. If you have a cough, we will then have you wear a face covering in close vicinity of others.
Masks are provided for you.

Failure to comply with the above listing will result in immediate dismissal!

17. If I take this course, am I able to ride a three-wheel motorcycle?

Yes. But if you take the three-wheeled BRC, you cannot operate a two wheeled motorcycle. Effective 09/19/19.

18. Do I need a motorcycle endorsement to operate the Polaris “Slingshot”?

No, you do not. Recent legislation approved this as a “autocycle” and as long as you have a motor vehicle operator’s license, you can operate this on your regular class C driver’s license. Effective 09/19/19. This is registered as an “autocycle” and requires a State of Maine motorcycle inspection.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
Updated on 01/15/24

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