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Just to update you on my riding since the class. I have put 1300 on my bike. I have had two emergency braking situations: one for a car coming over a blind hill and the second for a deer in the road. I have traveled at night. I like it. I have traveled the highway. I don’t mind it but do not like the big trucks. Or the wind. My biggest thing is some staling. Usually at the lights at busy intersections. Maybe that is just my nerves. I am really enjoying it. It is a life style and choice. I do not trust any vehicle. I go at my own pace. I am not really into going fast, I would like to enjoy the ride. Mostly I ride by myself. I have done some rides with others. I am so glad I took your course. Thank you for all you taught us. 🙂


I had an amazing weekend and was so happy to be in your class! I learned so much valuable information that I know will help me be a more confident and skilled rider…. and will be practicing everything a lot.

Thanks again very much for making the weekend productive and fun. It was well worth it!

I will try to do a few miles on my new bike next month. Will stay away from town and traffic for the first 200 miles. Our place is out in the country where there are back roads that are great for practice. Slow, smooth and safe!
Thanks again.

Thank you again for this weekend, especially for taking the extra time to work with us newbies. You’re a great teacher and I will whole-heartedly recommend your classes to people in the future. It has given me a base to build on for (hopefully) years to come of great riding.


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