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Good Morning,

I just want to thank you for providing a great learning experience for Alex!! He is loving his new adventure. has been out riding with his Dad several times so far this week and even took a short ride by himself yesterday.




I just completed the BRC this past weekend (5/4-5/6) in Brunswick and wanted to thank you for putting together a great program.  I had only been a passenger a few times prior to taking this course and now I am able to ride on my own.  Your school was also helping rider coaches become instructors, so we had a lot of support, and that made things go a lot easier (I think).  I’m not sure if you can do this or not but I would love to have the names of everyone I worked with this past weekend so I can send them a personal thank you.  I only know some of their first names (Nate, Chris, Cecil, David, John, Ali, Raylene) – I was so overwhelmed with trying to learn that I can’t recall everyone now.  If you are able to provide me the names, please let me know where I should send the thank you’s – would it be to your address or to each of them individually?

Thank you again!  I had a great time and I’m looking forward to getting on the road.



Dear Steve,  A great BIG THANK YOU for the experience of a lifetime!!I couldn`t tell you enough how much taking your class did for me. I will definitely telling everyone about your school and how you and Jay made it a fun learning and safe motorcycle class. Keep up the great work and maybe someday I`ll see you riding  the roads!!`HM` “Tina”


Hi Steve. just wanted to say thank you for teaching me the basics to ride. I just purchased a 1200 ultra Harley roadster. Road with experienced riders all last weekend. What a blast!!! thanks again. “Sherri “. You will be seeing my son in a couple years


Again thank you, Jay and Allie so much. You made me feel like I could do it and I did! You should have a Facebook page and a link from your website, then all your satisfied customers can leave awesome reviews. Just a thought! “Dee”


Hi, Steve

I want to thank you & your wife for a wonderful learning experience this past weekend. I really enjoyed the class. I now can say “I can do this” even at my age!!! I never thought that I could before this.

Thanks Again, “Theressa”


Hi Steve,

I want to thank-you so much for the course that I took from you last Sept.28th & 29th. I purchased a 2003 Yamaha V-Star 650 in Feb. Rode it 3000 miles till the end of July (sold it to the 1st lady that came to look at it)  purchased a 2007 Harley Electra Glide the same match as the one we have already and I went from a Volkswagen to a Cadillac!!!!! What a difference in the ride& handling etc. I will be forever grateful for your class you are so great at what you do. I wish I had gotten my license 30 years ago now. I ride every chance I get now that the grandkids are in school full time. I just love the freedom and being able to ride!!!!!   But as always you have to watch out for the idiots that don’t SEE US on bikes!!!!!   We are invisible even w/fluorescent colors on!!!!.  Thanks Again, “Theressa”

P.S. My cousin Tom  also took the course w/me but he never did get a bike bought a camper instead!!!!!




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